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Black Tiger Security Services


As a merit Security Service Provider, BTS acknowledge the magnitude of providing a comprehensive service that doesn’t just start and nish with the posting of guards to a site. The full service includes pre and post deployment consultations, the provision of Off Site Management Support and continuous training. To achieve this we have developed a Security Customer Service Scheme condenses

Best in class security Services

Our experience and expertise is at your service to provide an outstanding quality services, state of the art Security, Facilities Management and our customized Consultation to clients who value client professional Services. We can provide our customers with a range of specialized services or a complete security solution. Here you will find information on our most frequent services.

Event Safety

We are prepared to manage guest lists and access control systems, offering discreet and inconspicuous security solutions for individuals within a crowd, along with other security services.

Traffic Management

To manage traffic and vehicle operations in facilities and parking areas, we offer services such as recording vehicle information upon entry and exit, cashier assistance, verification of parking permits, and regular site patrols.

Private Security

We offer 24/7 protection to ensure the constant safety and security of your business. Our services are customized to align with your specific requirements.

Personal & Corporate Security

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#1 in the Security Services

Our Approach

Our guards are fully trained for a variety of duties including reception, prevention and access control. All guards are in radio contact with our control room and many have mobile telephones. Regular patrols of our clients’ premises and grounds are made, with physical checks on all doors, windows and vehicles on site, whilst random supervisory visits are made to all premises to ensure that our guards are being as vigilant as required.

Our Services

Private Security

Event Security

Traffic Management

Black Tiger Security Services

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